About us

Experience. Aspiration. Goals.

We are a team of digital marketers, web-developers, analysts, creators and designers based in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. Over 15 years that we have been on the CIS market, the list of our clients included a variety of brands, banks, personal brands, manufacturing companies, trade shows and startups. That was a great fun time that allowed us to build a strong team, become acknowledged Now, it’s time to move on and move our limits! That is why we are crosssing the ocean to meet new customers and get started on a new projects. We are looking for exciting, innovative and fresh projects that would let us grow along with you!

We have always been a company that finds personalized approach to every client. Our mission is not just to sell services or build products that work, but to help you achieve your goals and progress in your business. We are always ready to share our knowledge and help you learn.