Selling on Amazon


Starting a business on Amazon? Learning how to sell is the right way to go if you want to succeed. Many people have made fortune on Amazon, but just as many of them failed. 

Selling on Amazon is similar to running your own store, yet it’s so different. The marketplace provides you with a great array of tools that allow you to feel and run your business like a large corporation.

New to Amazon? Decide on these things first


The Fullfilled By Amazon (FBA) business model allows you to leverage Amazon’s robust distribution network and customer base. Amazon will warehouse your products, fulfill orders and even provide customer service so you don’t have to be hands-on with every aspect of the business.

Merchant Fulfilled Network (MFN) model  is when you ship products that customers order on Amazon directly from your own home or warehouse. This might not be as convenient, but allows for some savings on Amazon services.

Promoting your products

There is a variety of options you can choose to promote your products. However, Amazon is a separate ecosystem with its own laws and tools that sellers use to generate sales.

The success of your business depends on our seller rating, selection of keywords you use, product reviews and many other factors.

Customer relations on Amazon

Customers play a huge role on Amazon, as they are the main influencers and trend setters on the marketplace. Effective communication and feedback management are essential for successful Amazon business. Developing positive relations with your customer is  deeply rooted in many processes that you will have to manage.

How we can help you succed on Amazon

  • Setting up an account
  • Listing creation and optimization
  • Sales (promotions, search terms optimization, lead generation)
  • Finding additional distribution channels