CPC Advertising

If you have your website or landing page set-up and ready your next step is to generate traffic on the page. Visitors are not coming from nowhere, and this is where CPC advertising comes into play. CPC advertising (cost-per-click) is an advertising model when you pay for each click on your ad. With this type of advertising you can effectively manage your budget, not wasting money on non-target visitors and pay for the result only.

We use the most effective tools for traffic generation – Google Adwords ads and Facebook ads

Google Adwords

Google Adwords allows you to attract visitors from Google search (ads are shown to users looking for products you promote). Ads are shown on Google Search Network and Display Network (more than 1 billion websites)

Facebook Advertising

With Facebook ads you show your targeted ads to Facebook users, knowing their preferences and interests.

Gmail advertising

Gmail ads are expandable ads at the top of people’s tabs in Gmail. With a click, these interactive ads expand into a email-sized ads that can include videos and images, and can be used to meet a variety of advertising goals.

What we do

  • Set up an advertising campaign that fits your specific needs using all relevant tools
  • Identify the list of the most popular keywords that users can use to find your products or services and group them
  • Create multiple engaging and appealing ads (text, graphic) to ensure the highest ad reach
  • Show ads on the relevant and popular websites to your target audience
  • Text ads are shown on the relevant to the keywords search queries
  • Monitor, adjust and manage the campaigns and provide regular progress reports

Our CPC management process is aimed at continuous improvement. We constantly

  • Monitor the keywords list to sort out ineffective keywords and create new ads groups
  • Launch and test different ads to increase productivity of the campaign
  • Use extra tools to measure the effectiveness of the advertising campaign
  • Analyze, adjust, test and analyze again.