Social Media

Social media have drastically changed the way brands interact with customers. Social networks provide a vast amount of customer data for brands that they can use to promote themselves. Small businesses can boost their first sales and start developing their brands communicating with their audience on the social networks. Strong brands with long history can use social media to manage brand reputation and collect customer feedback. 

We can set up and promote your branded pages on the most popular social networks


Facebook is one of the most popular social networks in the world with 1.79 billion monthly active users. Using Facebook tools we can help you target, attract and interact with your audience online, launch advertising campaigns and collect feedback.


Tell visual stories to Instagram users. If your brand or product has a clear and distinct visual identity, Instagram is the right place for you to advertise on. Engage users with beautiful pictures, reach out to your target groups through hashtags and promoted posts and generate sales or leads for your website on the most popular visual platform.


More than 400 million professionals worldwide make LinkedIn a great platform for driving different KPIs and generate audience for complicated goods or services. LinkedIn allows targeting people by demographics, locations, edaucation, job title, job function, job seniority, skills, fields of study, years of experience – everything you need to reach out to your segment of the audience in the professional field.

How we work

  • Develop social media strategy that suit specifically your business
  • Design page visual identity (account image, background image, interface set up)
  • Launch advertising campaign to attract audience
  • Create content plan and publication schedule
  • Publish in the most popular time slots
  • Monitor user activity